“He has a wonderful ability to mimic voices, accents and can pull some quite strange faces...a hilarious and surprisingly touching show" - Broadway world
"one of the most honest, moving and incredibly funny sets I've seen in a very long time" - THE HERALD
"there is no doubt about it, this guy is hilarious. sensational" - michael Mcintyre
"An innately gifted and multi-faceted performer"...
"a winning combination of being daft and being a smart alec"
‘Destined to become a household name’ Telegraph
'PHYSICAL comedy that would have done Billy Connolly proud' - Mirror
★★★★★ - hERALD
★★★★★ - Telegraph
★★★★★ - fringemonkey
★★★★ - ChoRTLE
★★★★ - the list
★★★★ - skinny
★★★★ - Sunday times
★★★★ - THE TIMES
★★★★ - Fest
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